""That's just the sound of NO ONE CARING""
-Paul, Moving Targets
Name: Paul
First Appearance: Moving Targets
Last Appearance: Fun Dead
Voice Actor: Paul ter Voorde

Paul ter Voorde is a recurring background character in the Eddsworld series. Edd had known Paul for a number of years and was good friends with him, hence his constant involvement with the series. He can be generally recognized usually by his character's unusually large eyebrows and a cigarette. His first appearance was in Moving Targets and he has appeared in several others since then. His job is at a military base. He may also have a co-job as a pilot. Pictures of him can be seen inside Edd's house in some episodes. Paul has also been occasionally credited for additional animation even before Edd Gould's death. He is shown to have a Dutch-French accent.


Main article: List of Paul's Appearences



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